The importance of electrolytes

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You know the feeling ...

I remember being a "young buck" ... drinking with my friends: too much, too long, all night. The next day ... wow ... I FELT it. I felt ill, tired ... hungover.


You've started a low carb lifetsyle. But after a few days ... you feel literally SICK.
You feel exhausted ... maybe your glands swell a bit ... it feels literally like you have the flu.

Both of these "icky" feelings has an origin in the same problem: electrolytes.

What are these CRUCIAL things?

In short, an electrolyte is, as the name suggests, a substance that helps to carry an electrical charge. In a human being, these are things like SALTS and MINERALS.

Believe it or not, you are an electrical being. Electo-chemical signals is the basis of how your nerves work. If you question this, just stick your fingers in the electrical socket and see what happens (no, don't do this, haha!). The fact that your body can conduct this energy proves you are literally a kind of battery. A battery that works on ELECTROLYTES.

So where do we get these electo-sensitive chemicals?

We get them from what we eat and drink. This is why the RIGHT diet, including what we DRINK, is very very important.

Ever have a cramp? That's the power of electrolytes. They can literally cause intense pain when they get out of whack.

Another thing that can get them "out of whack" is beginning a low-carb/KETO lifestyle. As our cells learn to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, a shift happens in our electrolytes.
This is called the "keto-flu". You feel sick, tired, and maybe even get swollen lymphnodes. The orgin of this is simply that your body has to learn to adapt to the different source of fuel it is using.
Therefore, people living a KETO lifestyle NEED MORE SALT. With my clients, when they are in the KETO flu, I tell them to do two things:

    The quailty of the water you drink is ESSENTIAL. Think about it, your body is bascially an OCEAN ... a very very controlled ocean. The balance of nutrients and electrolytes is very very important. Therefore, a good quality mineral water is essential.
    Like many things in "diet world", salt has been given a very bad rap. When you are living a KETO lifestyle, SALT IS YOUR FRIEND. Especially if you are drinking enough water, you will purge extra salt via your kidneys. I encourge my clients to enjoy salt to their taste, and


What? There are different kinds?


Next to me, as I type this, is a pot of Persian Blue salt from Iran. Most of us are familiar with simple "table salt" that is iodized. But the world of salt is so much bigger!
Pink Himalayan salt has been all the rage lately. It has a different mineral make up than other kinds of salt, and provides more nutrients.
If you are located in the USA, Redmonds Real Salt is also a favorite of many. It has a great mineral profile for those doing KETO.

Why does the ketogenic diet mess up electrolytes?

  1. On keto insulin levels go down. This prompts the kidneys to excrete sodium. Where sodium goes, water follows, flushing out precious electrolytes.
  2. Glycogen is the stored form of sugar. It binds lots of water molecules. When glycogen is depleted on keto, it also flushes out water, taking electrolytes with it.

What are good electolyte options?

  1. Keto Chow Electrolytes. They have no additives, just pure electrolytes. They can be added to water, coffee and food.
  2. LMNT Electrolytes. A delicious choice, flavored or unflavored. No artificial ingredients.
  3. Use lots of salt on your food.
  4. Make your own ketorade. First recipe here.

In summary, if you are dealing with cramping, feeling "icky" on Keto ... remember that SALT AND MINERAL WATER are your friends! Let go of the idea that salt is bad. If you are truly living a KETO lifestyle: SALT IS ESSENTIAL!

With love,
Dr Ben


Written by Dr. Benjamin Zacherl
Ironclad Immunity
Facebook: Ironclad Community
Contact: ben@iqwellness.nl
Published: December 11th, 2021